Getting What You Want Out of a Job Change

Are you ready for more?
Making the decision to consider other opportunities and go out on interviews is an important one. You have to prepare yourself in order to achieve your ultimate goal……getting more/obtaining the better opportunity.

Ultimately, for you to get more our Client Company must get more. If you give more they will give more.

First you must determine ‘What is your MORE?:

  1. What is currently making you consider a new opportunity at this time?
    You have to first understand your own motivations and drivers in order to be able to clearly articulate them to the Client Company. Only then can the Client Company know how you fit into their picture both short & long term and be able to adequately determine if that is a match.
  2. What are the career issues and/or personal issues important to you right now that may be impacted by a change?
    Your job directly/indirectly impacts everything in your professional/personal life in some way, shape or form. So when you are preparing to interview with a new company you have to factor in how the impact of this new role and company will affect your career plans/desires, family, personal plans, work-life balance, etc.
  3. What items are complete deal killers & ‘no-starts’ for you?
    Before you go on an interview think about the must have qualities a company/position would need to have in order to fit your criteria for making a change. This list will be different than your ‘I would like to have’ or ‘in an ideal World’ list. It is imperative that you understand your ‘deal killers’ because they should dictate the baseline criteria for who you interview with and/or what positions you interview for. If you ignore these factors and take a position anyway there is a high probability of that role not working out for you in the long run.
What does the Client want?
  1. What do they need the ideal candidate to be able to do?
    In order to have the most valuable interview process you have to understand what the Client Company really needs someone to do in their open role and how that affects the other members of the team and/or company. This information can be gathered by working closely with your recruiter who should have an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the company. Through understanding the Client Company’s needs you can then match up experiences from your own career that demonstrate your ability to meet these challenges. See below:
    1. i. Outline your personal track record of successful completion of the activities that overlap duties the Client Company wants this person to achieve in their open role.
    2. ii. Be able to show your in-depth knowledge of all the key elements of the opening
    3. iii. Be ready to site specific references that confirm your skills/knowledge thus showing the immediate value you would bring to the table.

  2. How do they want the role/this person to impact the organization short-term?

    For every job opening there is a short term need and a long term vision. The Client Company’s short term need is always going to be the more urgent necessity. If you are able to understand the short term need of the opening, then you will be able to relay how your background and accomplishments makes it an easy decision that you will meet and exceed the Company’s need with your skillset. Ultimately, your ability to create this connection puts you in a better position to be able to GET MORE.
  3. What are the natural progressions from this role?
    At times it can be easier to understand how a position may or may not fit your immediate desires, however an interview is not just about today but about how you are able to grow within the organization as well. Do you fit their long term vision for the role and do they fit yours? How can the Company meet your long-term goals? How will they get you there? How long will it take? Understanding your own long term goals will help you better take the information the company gives you about their own internal development/plan and know if that is the place for you or not.