We work more. We do more. Are you ready for more?

We make these statements to confirm our place in the market as THE provider with extended hours and a more detailed and focused process. These processes allow us to provide valuable and in-depth insight into who our candidates and clients really are, in the hopes of making better matches because of it. We provide detailed information in a concise format, that enables all parties to be able to more accurately make their assessments of each other and the potential opportunities that lie within.

We do not dictate, we discuss. We do not force or coerce, we coach and counsel. We do not make the decision, we help gather the information necessary to empower all parties to make the most informed decision possible for themselves.

We strongly believe that MORE extends beyond even these things. At Hire Barracuda MORE is the defining concept to know if we are the firm for you, no matter your relationship with Hire Barracuda - as a client, candidate and/or employee.

As an organization Hire Barracuda has and always will reach beyond its current position to become MORE. We strive to constantly be willing to try new ideas and processes to add value to the marketplace. We blend our knowledge, our continuous learning and development, our work ethic, and our smart use of technology in order not to replace the human element, but to enable the human element to be more effective and extend its reach. Hire Barracuda is always willing to innovate, reinvent, and refine to give more, so that Hire Barracuda itself can become more.